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Frozen Sliced Duck Breast(pre-cooked)

Selectos de Castilla offers you the succulent Magret de Pato de Villamartín, raised in semi freedom. Extensive breeding confers its juicy texture that we maintain by brazing our Magret at its point.

How to eat:

  • Ready-to-eat food.

  • Put the oven bag in the microwave and heat during 1 minute and 10 seconds on full power.

  • Massage the oven bag so the heat can get distributed all over.

  • Open with a sissor and pour out the meat juice and serve the duck breast.

Storage condition:

  • Frozen product.

  • Please store below -18ºC.

Frozen Sliced Duck Breast (Pre-Cooked)

  • Ingredients: Duck breast and Salt

    Place of origin: Spain

    Weight: 320g

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