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伊比利亞火腿 Iberico Ham


amón is the Spanish word for ham. Jamón Serrano is a cured country ham made from conventional pork, while Jamón Ibérico is the pride of Spain.

西班牙芝士 Spanish Cheese


Spanish cheeses are mainly manufactured from single types of milk (cow, goat or sheep), but a few are mixtures of different milks. The milk can be raw, pasteurised or creamy.

紅酒 白酒 果酒 汽泡酒 西班牙酒 Red Wine White Wine Spanish Wine Sangria


Spain has over 1.2 million hectares of land planted in wine grapes, making them the most widely planted wine-producing nation.

provide only the best Iberico Ham 

Corporate Events & Iberico Ham Workshop 企業活動及西班伊比利亞火腿工作坊

About Diverxu

Expert in Iberico Ham

We look for the best products from factories that share the same philosophy as Diverxu. We constantly visit the factories for checking quality, providing a full range of Iberico ham including farm-raised iberico ham de cebo, cebo de campo, cross-breed iberico ham fed on acorn, and pure breed Iberico ham fed on acorn.

Whole Iberico Ham Leg 原隻西班牙伊比利亞火腿

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