Suckling Pig Confit (1/2 units)



The suckling pig comes from D.O Segoiva, where meets the standard of the Animal Welfare, as during transport, unloading, to put stable and slaughter.
The piglets’ only nutrients are the milk of their mother
The suckling pig are slaughtered between the 21st and 28th day and its average weight is between 4.5 to 8Kg (Only the D.O Segovia). Normally the exported piglet is much
bigger between 9-15 Kg. That means older piglets that have been fed on mother’s milk and cereals. This you can observe not only in their weight but in the color of the piglet
and the harsh smell of “pig. The suckling pig from D.O Segovia, the flesh is white due to exclusive milk feeding.
Cooking Method:
Put the whole tin in warm water for 10-15mins,
Remove the suckling pig from tin,
Pre-heat the oven, Roast at 250 degree celcius for 20-25mins
Use the remaining duck fat for roasting crispy potatoes