Serrano Ham 16 months curation 100g



Serrano Ham 16 months curation 100g

Jamón Serrano is a passion in Spain, where every restaurant and tapas bar features Serrano hams ready to be sliced. The hams are cured for well over a year in the mountains of Spain, and have a complex flavor and mild saltiness that make jamón one of our favorite tapas.
Tasting suggestion: on a warm platter with some good crusty bread and a glass of Spanish wine. A bocadillo sandwich is another classic Spanish treat – simply cut a fresh baguette in half, drizzle with olive oil and add sliced Serrano ham, perhaps with some slices of Manchego cheese. Once you get the taste for jamón, there are dozens of ways to enjoy it – wrapped around melon, diced and cooked with vegetables, sprinkled on fresh salads or added to paella or pasta, to name a few.
Storage: keep refrigerated at 0°C to 4°C.
Net weight: 100g
Origin: Spain

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