Iberico Tenderloin (Solomillo) (800g)


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The Iberian tenderloin is a lean piece of pork with little infiltrated fat and a very tender texture. Its aroma and flavor are very characteristic.

Product Functions
Tenderloin is made from Ibérico pigs.

Product highlight
Tenderloin, is the leanest cut. Elongated and cylindrical muscle. Dark red in colour, with very slight fat marbling and very tender.  It is located right next to the spine on the part that is on the side of the Ham. It can be grilled, although being highly versatile, it can also be prepared in a diversity of ways.

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Ingredients: Iberico pork

Care Instructions:
1.) Keep refrigerated at -18°C
2.) Open and Defrosted kepp refrigerated between 0°C  + 4°C.
3. Use within 8 Days after defrosted
4.) Do not freeze once thawed
5.) Raw meat for cooking

Country of Origin: Spain