Minimum 500g per piece

Iberico Pork Shoulder Muscle-Secreto 500-700g



Iberico Pork Shoulder Muscle-Secreto 400g
The meat was supernaturally tender with a mild, nutty, porky flavor. Thanks to its generous intramuscular fat, secreto is juicy and rich; it is often compared to Wagyu beef.
Product Functions
Secreto is made from Ibérico pigs.
Product highlight
The so-called secreto is a moderately fatty cut that comes from a “secret” place behind the shoulder. It’s a thin and very tender strip that lends a mild. It is one of the parts of the pig most valued because of the scarcity of the product.A large pig (150KG) as soon as they leave pieces of 600 grams.
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Ingredients: iberico pork
Care Instructions:
1.) Keep refrigerated at -18°C
2.) Open and Defrosted keep refrigerated between 0°C + 4°C.
3.) Use within 3 Days after defrosted
4.) Do not freeze once thawed
5.) Raw meat for cooking
Country of Origin: Spain