Iberico Pork Ribs (Costilla) (1200g)


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The ribs of the Ibérico pig are simply a true delicacy, a treat. The important amount of fat that marbles through its intercostal muscle turns it into an exquisite morsel that can be prepared in a multitude of ways, ranging from the traditional barbeque or braised ribs right through to the most novel of preparations in the shape of whole barbeque style rack of ribs.

Product Functions
Pork Ribs is made from Ibérico pigs.

Product highlight
The bones of the ribcage are covered with a tasty meat which is rich in fat, making it ideal for barbecues and cooking in the oven. 

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Ingredients: iberico pork

Care Instructions:
1.) Keep refrigerated at -18°C
2.) Open and Defrosted kepp refrigerated between 0°C  + 4°C.
3. Use within 8 Days after defrosted
4.) Do not freeze once thawed
5.) Raw meat for cooking

Country of Origin: Spain