Minimum 500g per piece

Iberico Fan Steak (Abanico) 500g



Iberico Fan Steak (Abanico) (500g)
Abanico is a very tender cut with a thick veining that resembles the rods of a fan. The high accumulation of healthy intramuscular fat contributes to its delicious flavour.
This cut of meat that resembles a fan wraps around the ribs of the pig.
Product Functions
Fan Steak is made from Ibérico pigs.
Product highlight
This product is obtained from the area that is close to the pig’s ribs. The amount of fat and the quality of the meat makes this a very juicy cut. You could say it is the outer packaging of the Ribs. It is a relatively thin piece, although highly marbled with fat and, therefore, charbroiled to perfection it is absolutely unbeatable.
For details, please refer to the label on the product.
*The picture above is for reference only. The real object should be considered as final.
Ingredients: iberico pork
Care Instructions:
1.) Keep refrigerated at -18°C
2.) Open and Defrosted keep refrigerated between 0°C  + 4°C.
3.) Use within 3 Days after defrosted
4.) Do not freeze once thawed
5.) Raw meat for cooking
Country of Origin: Spain