Iberian Ham Whole leg, Deluxe, Acorn Fed, 60months Curation (per kg)


Our iberico ham comes from a prestigious producer in Salamanca. This producer has been making iberico ham for four generations. They follow a traditional, artisanal method to bring the finest iberico ham products.

Iberico pigs are allowed to roam in pasture and oak wood to feed naturally on grass, ,acorns and roots from Autumn until the slaughtering time approaches, which is in spring every year. The legs are salted for a few days. After the salt is washed off, they are left to begin the curing process which is conducted only with the natural breeze from the air. The long curing process gives the ham a deep aroma.

Diverxu 48 months Iberico ham is produced from the hind leg of Iberico pigs. The ham has incredible marble fat and strong nutty taste.

*** Around 9kg per leg

Please feel free to contact our staff for the price if you are interested. (TEL: 31181676)