Diced Iberico Ham (Cebo de Campo) 80G



Diced Iberico Ham (Cebo de Campo) 80G

This ham is made from the hind leg of free range ibérico pigs that have been grazing on the pastures. Their diet of natural grasses, wheat, barley, soybean, corn with the occasional addition of some acorns produces delicious ham meat. In the ham bodega of Salamanca, our artisans follow a traditional elaboration process in which every piece of ham receives the maximum care and dedication required for perfect curation. The natural curation which takes minimum 36 months marks a distinction in its superior quality.
This comes from the part of the ham close to the hoof. It is suitable for cooking due to its stronger taste.
Tasting suggestion: can be used in pasta, Chinese dishes and soups.
Storage: keep refrigerated at 0°C to 4°C.
Net weight: 80g
Origin: Spain

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