About Esther

I started Diverxu Limited in July

2011.  We are an importer of Spanish gourmet products.

I lived in La Coruna, Galicia.  This city is next to the Atlantic Ocean and therefore it is famed for the fish and seafood produce of exceptional quality.  During the years I lived in Spain, I got to understand more about the Spanish food culture and have grown to appreciate Spanish cuisine.  I always think that the Spanish have a high standard on food.  Therefore, they eat baby pigs of only 3 weeks old, baby lambs of only 1 month old, ham from iberico pigs eating acorn.  I am also fascinated by the variation of cuisines in different regions even though Spain is a small country.  For example, Valencia is famed for paella.  Because of the history of being occupied by the Arabians, Andalucians love to use nuts and fruits in their cooking.  



Diverxu Limited, My passion

   DiverXu was born out of my passion for Spanish cuisine.  I feel that there is so much food of high quality from here, I am eager to bring them to HK where the people enjoy eating well.  As iberico ham is the jewel of the Spanish gourmet, it is the first product I introduced to Hong Kong.  Because of the family connection, I got to be introduced to a reputable ham producer.  With the family tradition and experience of over 100 years in producing iberico ham, this producer masters the art of this artisanal business.  They are also adamant in delivering products of consistency and superb quality.

      Besides iberico ham, I also source different Spanish products from different regions.    Before adding in new products, I often visit the factories to understand the whole production process and make sure their quality is in line with the philosophy of Diverxu.

Promoting Spanish food culture

        I was working with the Hong Kong Economic Times as the food columnist and was interviewed by different media to promote Spanish food culture. Recently, Diverxu has took part in various kind of events, e.g. HK Wine & Dine Festival, Lan Kwai Fong Carnival, etc. We aim at introducing the Spanish gastronomy to everyone.


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