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Our iberico ham is marketed under Diverxu Brand.  We look for the best products from the factories which share the same philosophy as Diverxu.  We constantly visit the factories for checking quality.  We provide a full range of iberico ham including farm-raised iberico ham de cebo, cebo de campo, cross-breed iberico ham fed on acorn and pure breed iberico ham fed on acorn.

Being the descendents of the Roman Empire, Spaniards have inherited the tradition of making cured ham and sausages.  Spanish ham differs from other ham because of its longer curation and more intense flavour.  This is especially true for iberico ham which is a jewel from Spain.  Diverxu is proud to take a leading role in promoting the world’s best ham in Hong Kong.

The year 2014 began with a very important change for the Iberico ham product sector and consumers.

The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment passed a new Law that regulates everything related to Iberico ham. From the selection of the pigs, the type of breedingfeedingslaughtering and processing of the Iberico ham.  Under the new law, the iberico ham is divided into 4 grades.  The highest grade carries a black tag which is acorn-fed ham 100% Iberian (exclusively fed on pastures) and 100% Iberian race.

Besides Spanish ham, Diverxu has continued effort in looking for more Spanish gourmet products of high quality. Before deciding on carrying new products, we take an extremely tedious effort in selecting the best. We understand our customers trust us and we will not disappoint them.